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Current projects (PI)

  • Linguistic Processing in Cypriot Greek children with language developmental disorders. Number 1/102 (funded by the Cyprus University of Technology)

  • L2 speech perception and cognitive functions interface

  • Perception of Dutch vowels by Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek speakers

  • Speech rate of Cypriot Greek children with language developmental disorders

  • Perception of Catalan vowels by Greek speakers

  • Attention control and discrimination of Greek consonants by Mandarin Chinese speakers

  • Linguistic patterns of child-directed speech in Cypriot Greek parents

  • Machine learning algoirthms for the prediction of L2 speech perception patterns 

Completed projects

  • Perception of nonnative segments by Russian speakers. Number: 44-09/19-156 (funded by the “5-100 Research Grant”)

  • Functional Dynamics and Representation of Languages and Cultures of Internal and External Migration in an Urban Environment. Number: 056102-1-274 (funded by RUDN University)

  • Perception and Production of Greek Vowels by Greek-Arabic bilinguals (funded by the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation)

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