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University of Nicosia

  • Psycholinguistics (BA)

  • English Composition (BA)

  • Language Development and Psycholinguistics (BA)

  • Second Language Acquisition (MA)

  • Teaching Greek as an L2/FL to Children (MA)

  • Course Planning and Classroom Management (MA)

  • Research Methodology (MA)

  • Research Methods/Research Proposal (PhD)

Jaume I University

  • Spoken English: Comprehension and Pronunciation (BA)

University of Central Lancashire

  • Semantics and Pragmatics (BA)

  • Inside English Words (phonetics and morphology) (BA)

  • Introduction to Language and Linguistics (BA)

RUDN University 

  • Topics in Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics (MA)

  • General Linguistics (MA)

  • Contrastive Linguistics (MA)

  • Comparative and Historical Linguistics (MA)

  • Methodology of Scientific Research in Linguistics (PhD)



  • Wenjun Zhang (University of Nicosia). Influence of Pausing on English Public Speech of Chinese College English Learners (provisionary title), 2023-

  • Erli Nan (University of Nicosia). An Action Research on the Effectiveness of Teachers’ Motivational Strategies in EFL Classrooms: Case Study of Ningbo-Tech University (NTU) (provisionary title), 2020-



  • Elena Savva (University of Nicosia). Production of English vowels by Cypriot Greek university students (provisionary title), 2022-.

  • Asimina Kaskamba (University of Nicosia). Αnalysis of the acoustic characteristics of Greek vowels produced by Albanian speakers of Greek as second language, 2022-2024.

  • Panagiotis Fasoulidis (University of Nicosia). The acquisition of verbal aspect by Russian-speaking learners of Greek as a second/foreign language: Teaching proposals, 2021-2023.

  • Golfo Tsatsari (University of Nicosia). Distance teaching of Greek as a second language to children with language disorders through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), 2021-2023.

  • Constantinos Manousakis (University of Nicosia). Vocabulary teaching strategies of Greek as an L2 and the contribution of lexical etymology, 2019-2022.

  • Parthena Mpairaktaridou (University of Nicosia). Opinions of secondary school teachers of the prefecture of Pella on multiculturalism and bilingualism, 2020-2022.

  • Hind Rajjoub (RUDN University). A critical perspective on child language acquisition theories, 2020-2021.

  • Nektaria Mouropoulou (University of Nicosia). The learning of Greek as a second language by individuals with autism spectrum disorder: Challenges and teaching interventions, 2020-2021.

  • Vissarion Yorspyros (University of Nicosia). The use of ICT in the teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language during pandemics, 2019-2021.

  • Vicky Deliliga (University of Nicosia). The contribution of technology to the learning of Greek as a second language through the design of digital educational material, 2019-2021.

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