University of Nicosia

Department of Languages and Literature
MA in Teaching Greek to Speakers of Other Languages (in Greek) (distance learning)

1.  Course Planning and Classroom Management  
(fall 2020-21)

2. Research Methodology (spring 2019-20)
3. Course Planning and Classroom Management  (spring 2019-20)
4. Research Methodology (fall 2019-20)

University of Central Lancashire Cyprus
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
BA in English Language Studies (in English)

1. LG2104: Semantics and Pragmatics (fall 2020-21)

2. LG2402: Inside English words; phonetics and morphology (fall 2020-21)

3. LG1102: Introduction to Language and Linguistics: From Sound to Meaning (fall 2020-21)

RUDN University

Department of General and Russian Linguistics
MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (in English)

1. Topics in Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics (spring 2019-20)
2. General Linguistics (fall 2019-20)
3. Contrastive Linguistics (spring 2018-19)
4. Comparative and Historical Linguistics (spring 2018-19)

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