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University of Nicosia

Department of Languages and Literature
MA in Teaching Greek to Speakers of Other Languages (in Greek) (distance learning)


1. TGSOL-522: Teaching of Greek as a Second/Foreign Language to Children 
2. TGSOL-590: Master’s thesis 
3. TGSOL-512: Course Planning and Classroom Management 
4. TGSOL-513: Research Methodology 


BA in English Language and Literature (in English)


1. ENGL-101: English Composition 

University of Central Lancashire Cyprus
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
BA in English Language Studies (in English)

1. LG2104: Semantics and Pragmatics 

2. LG2402: Inside English words; phonetics and morphology 

3. LG1102: Introduction to Language and Linguistics: From Sound to Meaning 

RUDN University

Department of General and Russian Linguistics
MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (in English)

1. Topics in Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics 
2. General Linguistics 
3. Contrastive Linguistics 
4. Comparative and Historical Linguistics 

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