Welcome! I currently work as a tenure-track Full-Time Faculty in Linguistics at the Department of Languages and Literature, University of Nicosia, Cyprus. 

My research interests focus mainly on phonetics, phonologypsycholinguistics, and speech-language pathologySpecifically, I investigate how native and nonnative speech is developed in typical and atypical populations by taking into consideration inner cognitive mechanisms that enable the representation of speech categories in the brain. I also focus on how speech categorization and speech signals are affected by linguistic, biological, cognitive, and other factors.


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University of Nicosia – Department of Languages and Literature

Full-Time Faculty (tenure-track)


Cyprus University of Technology – Department of Rehabilitation Science

Postdoctoral Researcher


University of Nicosia – Department of Languages and Literature

Adjunct Lecturer


University of Central Lancashire Cyprus – School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Lecturer


RUDN University – Department of General and Russian Linguistics

Assistant Lecturer



RUDN University – Departments of General and Russian Linguistics/ Foreign Languages 

Postdoctoral Researcher – Head of the Phonetic Lab