Welcome! I currently work as a tenure-track Full-Time Faculty in Linguistics at the Department of Languages and Literature, University of Nicosia, Cyprus. 

My research interests focus mainly on phonetics, phonologypsycholinguistics, and speech-language pathologyI investigate how typical and atypical populations perceive and produce native and nonnative speech sounds and how speech acquisition is affected by linguistic, biological, cognitive, and other factors. My goal is to update the current theories of speech acquisition and facilitate the learning of a nonnative language. I also aim to develop diagnostic tools of language and cognitive impairments using auditory and acoustic analysis, aiding the therapy of these diseases.



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University of Nicosia – Department of Languages and Literature
Full-Time Faculty (tenure-track)

Cyprus University of Technology – Department of Rehabilitation Science
Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Central Lancashire Cyprus – School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Associate Lecturer

University of Nicosia – Department of Languages and Literature
Adjunct Lecturer

RUDN University – Department of General and Russian Linguistics
Assistant Lecturer
RUDN University – Departments of General and Russian Linguistics/ Foreign Languages 
Postdoctoral Researcher – Head of the Phonetic Lab